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make a change.


TIP OF THE WEEK is the first interactive book for personal and professional development written by enthusiasts and successful businessmen and women coming from the Balkans. It contains 40 practical and educational tips on how to improve, make a change and become more successful in various fields in your everyday life. It is a 360 INNO product regarding Product Development, Content architecture, Visual appearance, and Marketing and Sales strategy. The main idea behind the TIP OF THE WEEK concept is to provoke readers to be more open to changes because only by changing ourselves and focusing on implementation of new ideas we can become better day by day.


The TIP OF THE WEEK concept started a few years ago in Macedonia and was later expanded to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. The authors believe that the tips, personal experiences and views, will resonate with the readers and will motivate and inspire them in dealing with everyday challenges, both professionally and privately. What makes us unique is that we are adapting the concept to the new reader, creating a unique, practical, user-friendly and most of all, FUN and INTERACTIVE way of presenting the information. You can read TIP OF THE WEEK from wherever you like, whenever you like. Write, scribble, put post-it notes on it, underline and comment.

A book you do not read - a book you communicate with!


Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku, creators of the TIP OF THE WEEK concept are owners of Macedonia-Export, a company established with a vision and aim to present the best products from the Balkans to the global market. Ambitious and aware of their societal surrounding they are constantly attempting to create recognizable world brands while also trying to fully enjoy their work along the way.


The content of the book motivates, inspires and encourages me to continue towards acheiving my goals.

Suzana Puteska reader, Macedonia

Great book that inspires the ones new in the business world as well as those who have serious executive roles in their companies.

Dr. Jasmina Knezevic CEO Bel Medic, Serbia

This book is valuable because it has the power to keep your attention on important topics while reading it and allows you to develop a better version of yourself.

Dr Zoran Milivojevic psychotherapist and writer, Serbia
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